House Hold Regular Weight Gloves

Size Medium, Large and Extra large
Colour Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink
Length 300mm ~ 310mm (Approximately 12″)
Thickness 15 ~ 17 mils / 0.38 ~ 0.43mm (@mid-palm)
  • Natural Latex
  • Flocklined for easy on-off
  • Beaded Cuff (Rolled)
  • Non-Chlorinated / Chlorinated
  • Palm & finger area embossed
  • Honeycomb pattern grip
  • General Cleaning
  • Dish Washing and Cleaning
  • Pet Care
  • Food Handling
  • Gardening Work
  • Janitorial & Sanitation Works

These household regular weight gloves are high in demand that are suited for doing demanding household works. The thickness of these regular weight gloves ensures that your hands are well-protected from the physical demands of the chores you are doing. Made up of natural latex, it ensures that your hands are protected from harmful chemicals and acids and make the gloves tear and snag resistant.